Friday, December 2, 2011


life rearranged

Holy smokes, it's Friday!!!
Not only Friday, but it's the Christmas season.
This year it all seems so magical, not that it doesn't always feel that way, but this year feel extra special.
I am loving it.

Our big Christmas tree.
This year we decorated it a bit different that we normally do and I have to admit how much I like it.
This morning, after the older girls were at school, Abby and I spent a while just looking at the tree and touching the ornaments.
She said it was "pretty"
My oh my, she is growing up quick!

Speaking of Christmas, I know that more toys are in our future so on Tuesday I bit the bullet and did one of my most dreaded household tasks, weeding out toys.
We are down to a much more manageable level.
Do you see all the baby dolls on the bottom shelf?
The funny thing is that is probably half of them, the other half are in a little doll crib.
The little two are obsessed with babies.

On Tuesday, I kept Ainsley home from school.
She had a cold and I knew she needed one more day of rest.
{Abby just came down with said cold and she is miserable.}
Ainsley loves to line her favorite things up, have me take a picture and send it to K.
She then lined them all up on the floor to send another picture to K.

K brought these home for the girls to play with.
I think this is a good look for me, one that I might consider making permanent.
Do you like it?

One of my new favorite pictures of Abby.
I was tickling her and she was just too stinkin' cute!

Our first {and hopefully only} Christmas breakage.
Zoe knocked our little tree over and it broke three ornaments.
The sad thing is that Adison's favorite ornament, a Hello Kitty one, broke.


  1. Like the new look, you should consider it for sure, lol!

    So sad about the ornaments :( I'm afraid we might have a few of those this year, too...

  2. I hear ya about needing to weed out the toys. Just the other day, I was looking at them asking myself what it was going to look like after Christmas : )