Friday, December 23, 2011


life rearranged

Happy Friday y'all and also Merry Christmas Eve Eve!
Can you believe that Christmas is only TWO DAYS AWAY!?!
Eek, so excited!!

Last Friday my hubby and I celebrated 11 years of marriage.
We went to dinner and a movie.
I saw this at the movie theater and knew I had to get a picture, how cool is it!?!

On Sunday, my dad invited my oldest daughter, my niece and I to see The Nutcracker.
I still cannot get over how beautiful this logo was.
I want to frame it and put it on my wall.

Also on Sunday, K and I took the girls to see a Christmas light show.
I still cannot get over how cool of an experience it was.
Simply amazing!
I think it will need to become a new Christmas tradition.

On Wednesday evening, we celebrated Christmas with my dad, step-mom, my brother and his family.
My step-mom is an amazing cook and the cookies she baked were stellar!
I have a soft spot in my stomach for cookies, I LOVE them!
Anyways, Ainsley immediately asked for this gingerbread man then promptly bit his head off.
She thought it was too funny {and to be honest, so did I}!

Abby's new Christmas shirt.
I LOVE it!
 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is still one of my favorite Christmas movies, it's a must-watch tradition in our house.


  1. What a fun week! Love the candy dispensers at the theater, and that's the cutest headless gingerbread man I've ever seen. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. LOVE the Rudolph shirt!!

    the Nutcracker is a fave of mine. Love that logo too!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Rudolph is one of my favorites as well!
    Found you on InstaFriday!
    Happy holidays!

  4. I had to stop by here via InstaFriday because of that shirt! Does it come in adult sizes???
    It's awesome!
    Hugs and Merry Christmas!