Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

The Good: the girls are FINALLY starting to get better, which is perfect timing because K and I have now caught it. Adison is being tested for the gifted program at school and her initial assessment went really well. Christmas is in the air fa-la-la-la. I am loving it!

The Bad: K and I BOTH have to get our cars worked on. Well, K got his back already and the total for repairs is enough to make me cry. I have had a headache ALL DAY. Nothing has made it go away so far, I think I will be going to be early.
The Funny: After dinner the other night Abby found that Zoe {the cat that eats everything} had thrown up {shocker!}. Abby likes things looking spiffy and sparkly, she likes to clean {praise the Lord!}. She told me that the cat had puked and told me to clean it. I was busy doing something else and told her that I would get it in just a minute. Apparently that was too slow for her because a few minutes later I hear her say, "I clean it, Mommy!"

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