Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A splendid Sunday

Sunday was such a fun day.
My dad called on Saturday evening to see if Adison and I would like to see The Nutcracker with him and my niece.
I used to do ballet when I was younger and have such a sweet spot in my heart for The Nutcracker.
It was not in our fair city but the town next to ours and at a center that I had never been to before.

Adison is such a smart little cookie, she quickly figured out that the giant, cardboard things hanging from the ceiling were the constellations.
They had a giant, live Christmas tree in the foyer, it was gorgeous.
Like a dork, I of course, had to go smell it, ha!

Adison and Cameron waiting to go in.

This was the stage before the ballet started.
I couldn't get over how pretty it all was.
The orchestra was AMAZING!
It was a mandolin orchestra, they had three people playing the mandolin with the rest of the orchestra.

Hey look!
It's me!
I was so excited for it to start.

This was the beautiful logo for the ballet.
I LOVED it and couldn't get over how pretty and creative it was.
Sunday evening we went to a new event for us.
One of the local churches puts on a Christmas light show.
I had heard AMAZING things about it and could not wait to see it for myself.

The angels' wings moved and the whole facade of the building had lights on it that changed with the music.
Abby kept saying, "Look! Mama look! It's so cool! It's awesome!"

They had live music playing that you could tune into with your car radio.
In the windows were the musicians playing and they were so entertaining.
In one of the windows by us {on the bottom, second from the left} were two guys playing electric guitars.
They were amazing!