Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday 5






1. I am feeling so upbeat with this gorgeous weather! Bring on the sunshine and warm weather!
2. I am so ready for this weekend, I think it will be fantastic! My mom is coming up for a visit and we will be celebrating my brother's birthday.
3. I feel like I have accomplished a lot of the work that I was needing to do around the house. Sometimes it is so much easier to put things off, but getting things done feels wonderful!
4. Hubby was so thoughtful earlier this week. He stayed home from work on Monday because I kept having really painful muscle spasms. What a sweetie!
5. I keep coming up with brilliant blogging ideas, but then forget them. At least I know that they are somewhere in my brain :)


  1. Loving the beautiful weather!

  2. Loving the weather too! Oh and I have the best blogging ideas right before I fall asleep, then I wake up totally blank the next morning staring at the empty post, Ugh! Gotta write em down when we think of them I guess : ) Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. The weather has been getting better in my neck of the woods. I hope it stays this way through the weekend!!

  4. Ha ha I know what you mean. I keep telling myself that when I think of something I need to write it down!