Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Kirk became K

I realized yesterday that it might seem a bit odd that I call Kirk aka Hubby aka Hubs, K.
The story behind it is really boring, but hey, I share everything anyways, why not share that too.
At least that is my way of thinking.

My Mom and I text a lot.
She is normally really busy at work and I am normally really busy wrangling two or three kids plus holding down the fort.
So, when I would text with her about Kirk his name often became "K".
Why I felt the need to abbreviate a four letter name is beyond me, but I did, so he is K now.
When I started blogging, writing K on here just felt natural and normal to me.
Writing Kirk feels natural too, but for some reason K is what comes out.
I kinda like it.
Not that I call him K in real life, I call him Honey, Babe or Kirk.

I am sure that if the girls' names didn't all start with "A" I would probably call them by their initials too.
My girls though do have nicknames.

Adison is:
Ada (sounds like Atta) Ainsley gave her the nickname since she couldn't say Adison.
Sweet Pea
Doodle Bear

Capucha Pants
Poocha Loocha

Abby ka dabby
Babby-kins McNugget
Princess Pie

Most of these names just kind of come about through weird ways.
I have no idea why Ainsley is Capucha Pants.
I do know that K started it but haven't a clue as it it's origin.

We are definitely a nickname family.

How about you?
Do your kiddos have nicknames?


  1. thedaydreamingfoolMarch 10, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    Haha - That's cute :) My brother usually goes by Ben..but a lot of the time we call him B - Why? I have NO idea..but we just we felt the need to shorten BEN - go figure!

    The Babe goes by a lot of random names...The Babe being one of them..haha! We'll call him baby boo, monkey or monkey man, carrot face, squiggle bum, smelly bum, etc....amongst tons of other random names that are ACTUALLY related to his name..LOL

  2. I was JUST thinking about how many nicknames I have for my daughter and my dog, it's seriously overboard, then I read yours and I may be normal : )

    I gave you a Stylish Blogger Award too, here's my post on it:

  3. Karson is always just 'k' whenever I am typing-text or email. A friend of mine was laughing when she watched him for me last week because he wouldn't respond to Karson, but looked right away when she called him Munchkin. :-)