Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I heart it

Do you ever get that feeling that everything is bright and new and shiny?
That the world is starting to look up?
It's that exciting feeling and all of your nerves are all tingly.

Well, folks, I have that feeling.
I heart it.
It seems like things are looking up.

What has changed you may ask?
Nothing, well, maybe me a bit.

Have you ever really put yourself out there?
So out there that it leaves you feeling slightly exposed yet a bit exhilarated too?

Well, that is how I was feeling after I hit the big scary PUBLISH button on Saturday.
For me, it felt kind of big.
But, kind of like I was sharing parts of me that should have been shared all along.
Why was I so timid about it?

Can I tell you something amazing that happened from sharing?
I met some really amazing women that also took the plunge and shared things that they had previously kept silent about.
I also learned more about and shared with another, you know who you are :)
It was empowering and humbling all at the same time.

It has given me courage to want to post even more of the heavy things that at times I shy away from.
To be honest, I wrote one of those posts for today.
I again got a bit scared about hitting publish, but am now planning on doing it.
If the other women could share what they did, then I can most certainly share more on a topic that I have already posted about a few times.
Yep, I have another miscarriage post to share.

All of this, the sharing, talking, experiencing has felt like a renewal.
A change in myself that feels amazing.
This has occurred at the perfect time, Spring.
When it seems as though the world is awakening again.
There are blooms on the trees, the grass is turning green again.
There is birth and renewal.
It is a glorious time of year.

So, to those very special ladies and to all those that were so very supportive, I say THANK YOU!!!


  1. Do it. We're here to catch you.
    It really has felt different, hasn't it? It seems so odd that simply opening our clenched hand from its grasp of these secrets is... relieving. It's like finally exhaling when we didn't even know we were holding our breath. So tell me about it. Tell us. We're here and ready to listen and love you <3

  2. Ok, Im a bit behind (slow) I had to look back and read your past posts and am so proud of you that you stood up and said what you did. Its liberating. Be yourself and always remember... there will always be SOMEONE out there ready to tear you down the moment you speak a word. Just pick that head up and keep going...