Saturday, March 26, 2011

Q & A on Saturday

This morning I decided to take part in hasta claridad's Q & A on Saturday.

Every Saturday she asks her readers to ask a question, she responds and invites her readers to so as well.

Before I jump into it and I think this week's for me will be a leap of faith, I would recommend you head on over and check out her blog.
She is quickly becoming one of my favs!
She is also on Twitter too and is just the sweetest!

Okay, here is today's question:
What are you most afraid to write about and why?

This for me is a topic I have been pondering a lot lately.
I actually have a lot of thoughts on it.
I occasionally write about heavy things (miscarriages) but not often.

I remember when K and I were trying to have another baby and I was so hurt.
Hurt by everything.
The sight of a pregnant woman.
A newborn baby.
Hearing about people that were expecting.
Hearing women complain about their kids/pregnancy/getting pregnant so easily/etc.

Now that we have been blessed with our miracle children, I don't feel that I have the "right" to complain about anything.

Neither my children nor I are perfect.
And I don't want to pretend that we are.

But, I am afraid to "complain."
It's as though I have pigeon holed myself into being "Little Miss Optimism."
Not that that is a bad thing, but in reality that is just not real life.
I have my fair share of ups and downs.
It's not that I am afraid to be REAL just that I don't ever ever want to come across as ungrateful.

Here's one things that has been hard:
Since having my hysterectomy, rather than having a monthly cycle (obviously) I get really down and have a hard time sleeping.

There, I said it, FINALLY!
This has been really hard though, it has been an unforeseen side effect of said surgery.
Would I have it again, in a New York second.
I just didn't think of anything past the surgery.
Now I know.

I have so many blog posts that I have actually taken the time to write but then don't push publish because I am too afraid to.
Man, I need a dose of courage!

I also have a fear of writing things that might hurt other people.
Of hashing out things that hurt me/my kids/my husband.

The other day, there was an incident regarding my darling eldest.
Another child and adult were awful to her.
She is fine, just a little sad but overall fine.
It was a very sad situation that has caused K and I a lot of heartache.
But again, I have been reluctant to share it.
The situation just seems too personal and painful.
I just don't want to put other's out there either simply because I have chosen to put myself out there.

I am also reluctant to talk politics.
 I have very definite ideas, but have zero desire to debate it.
So, I just avoid it like the plague.

I do occasionally talk about religion.
Being a Christian is something that defines me as a person.
Again though, I have no desire to debate anything.
I like you the way that you are.
We may have differing opinions, but I am a-okay with that.

Okay, I am leaving it there.
I am feeling a bit exposed and out there.
If I am being honest with myself though, I can admit that I like it.
I only ask though, that you treat me with kid gloves.
I'll even say pretty please with a cherry on top if it will help :)

P.S. I have a confession to make.
I keep wanting to delete parts of this post {again, too afraid to put myself out there}.
K keeps convincing me to keep it all on there.
So, I am going to put on my big girls pants and push publish.


  1. So I'm sitting here on my couch, shirt damp from tears. I'm... speechless. I don't even know what to say right now. I'm going to chew on this and then come back and leave a proper comment. Thank you, Danna. Thank you...

  2. Wow, I admire that you actually put this all out there! There are definitely doors I choose not to open on my blog as well and it's something I've contemplated sharing in the past but I haven't been able to get the courage so GOOD JOB for doing it!!

  3. This was wonderful. You are brave to put this out there. I am so not that brave, but I do share some of your same fears. I love your blog! And I can't wait to see you and your sweet girls...oh, and exercise...I guess. ;)

  4. I think that it's easy - especially in blogging - to just 'leave out' parts of your life - because of a myriad of reasons. The thing that I love about the blogging community though - is that when you DO decide to open up and share those things - you learn so much more about all of the other people around you and THEIR experiences with those things - and you don't feel quite so alone. Sure, experiences may be different (slightly or completely) - but quite often, feelings are the similar, the insecurities are similar - and you feel a little closer to people - which is what I think building communities like this is all about.

    I'm so curious about certain things and what your views are...just out of curiousity! I feel like I could guess a little...but who knows! As I said before..I definitely would never judge on any of those issues..but I'm always curious..just because I think it's such an interesting topic!

    It's definitely hard to be exposed..and I completely understand...I've been feeling like I put my shirt on inside out all day - just an odd feeling to be vulnerable...but also a little bit liberating to feel that way...makes me feel a little less 'down' about certain things - because I think (from at least the three of our posts) that we all feel rather similar on a lot of issues.

    I'm so proud of you for being so brave and posting all of these're awesomesauce! It takes a lot of courage to write things that are so personal and 'expose' things - so to say...but you DID it..and hopefully feel a little relieved and happy that you were able to put those things out there! :)

    So glad K convinced you to post this! He's a really great guy..even if he hasn't finished our invention(s) yet..bawhahah! ;)

    Much love! xoxo

  5. Postpartum depression hit the hardest after my miscarriage. It's not something I've talked about. It's not that I wouldn't just...I don't know maybe I think I've talked about the miscarriage enough on my blog. We'll see. Love your honesty here and I really appreciate your continued reading of my blog!

  6. Since I have known you all of your life and believe me that is an honor!! I know how hard some of your struggles have been and also know that I am one of your struggles :) It takes a great deal of courage and faith in yourself to share your vulnerability with people - that is a strength that few people have. Keep blogging and more and more of us will read your blogs. xoxo

  7. @hasta claridad- thanks for coming up with this amazing idea! I truly enjoyed doing it. While your post was so painful, it was also very honest. I am so glad that Erin told me about your blog!
    @an irish italian blessing- thank you! It still feels kind of odd to put myself out there like this, but it feels really good too. I still have some doors that I choose to not open, but these were some I had been contemplating for some time :)
    @Clara- Thanks! I don't feel very brave, but felt like it was just time to put these things out there. I love your blog too! I can't wait to get together again, we need the weather to cooperate!
    @daydreaming fool- as usual, I agree with 100% of what you said. I loved our convo yesterday! I totally need to get K working on our inventionns, they will be awesome!
    @laughwithusblog- I love reading your blog, it is one of my daily reads that I really look forward to! I had postpartum depression after having Abby and it was awful! I feel what you went through, I also experienced some after my miscarriages. I think that you should blog about what you went through as often as you want to, I still write about mine sometimes. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    @Mags {aka Mom}- you are so sweet and def not a struggle in my life! Thank you for helping me get through my struggles, love you!

  8. Danna you are AMAZING! and being this honest is something I'm proud of you for!. It isn't easy to say this to people you know, much less to publish it for the world to see!. But you are strong, positive and surrounded by love and loving people! so you're covered plus I've got your back if you need me! ^_^

    Luv ya and luv your courage!
    Meli *_^