Sunday, March 27, 2011

I can't believe it's Sunday

I am having one of those overloaded brain moments.
I have so much that I want to share, so please bear with the ensuing randomness.

Friday evening K and I attended a couples wedding shower for my brother, Joe, and his soon to be bride, Betsy.
We had so much fun!
{It was a blast Amanda!!!}
We played a hilarious version of Pictionary with wedding and gardening themes.
I should state that it was a gardening themed shower so everyone brought gardening gifts.
First I will show you an awful pic of my outfit that night.

Yes, it's an awful photo, BUT I am actually wearing real clothes and not lounging stuff.
Oh! I also did my hair!!!
That has to show how much I cared, right???

Okay, the next pic is of the darling deserts that Betsy's cousin made.
Oh my goodness!
Not only were they darling, but they were DELISH!

Okay, that was Friday.
Saturday, we pretty much did nothing.
I didn't leave the house once.

K however, did go run some errands.
He then surprised us with these beauties.
Because apparently I just can't get enough cupcakes.

{Since I have a cupcake themed blog, I wonder if I could be a cupcake tester??? It could totally work.}

The three on top were the yummiest vanilla cupcakes that I have ever eaten, seriously.
The one on the bottom left was an orange chocolate one.
The one on the bottom right was a grasshoper one.
The one in the middle?
That one is a cinnamon apple bacon cupcake.
Sounds odd right?
It was DELISH!
I am so happy to have such a fantastic cupcake place here in town, yippee!

For some reason, Abby has been super cranky this weekend.
She has been crying and just miserable, the odd thing though is that there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with her...strange.
We didn't make it to church due to said crying/temper tantrum/crankiness, very sad.

I did give her a slice of my vanilla cupcake.
She inhaled it.
Thatta girl!

I also had the most amazing conversation with my friend Erin from Daydreaming Fool.
{You seriously need to go check out her blog!}
Then K and I watched The Fighter and The Tourist.
Both movies were good.

Today, well so far has been much like yesterday.
Abby has been crying pretty much all morning.
Out of frustration and the unknown possible sick factor.

I HAVE to share this video with you.

She was post-cupcake-happiness.
Hence, silly face, dancing, saying "Hi", blowing a kiss and waving good-bye.
Be careful though, she will totally make you melt!
Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

Okay, friends, I am off to tackly the laundry.
Yes, my usual nemisis is at it again.


  1. Sounds like you had a more eventful weekend than us!! The cupcakes look delicious....I now want some....thank you. All except the bacon one, that sounds gross. I am guessing walking is off for tomorrow given the white stuff all over the ground...:( Oh well, maybe by the end of the week.

  2. She is adorable in the video! I think I need to find my own great cupcake shop--I might dance like that too!

    Your photo is not awful--it's cute! Congratulation on wearing real clothes. That doesn't happen too often for me either. :)

  3. I"m with you. If I'm wearing real clothes then I'm picture worthy! lol

  4. Sounds like fun..I have SO MANY weddings/showers to go to in the next little's CRAZY!

    And you're full of baloney - because you clearly look SO CUTE in that outfit! Also - love how it's got the gardening colours tied into it..haha!

    I SO *need* to try those cupcakes. Everytime you talk/post a pic/etc. of them...I'm just basically in a sugar coma. Of awesome.

    Ditto on the convo. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It was such a good chat - basically made my day! Although chatting in DMs is hard..I'm going to convert you to some sort of actually msg thing eventually..LOL

    I hope poor Abby-girl is feeling better soon! So crazy/sad when you can't quite figure out what's going on with them! Today The Babe was having a really good morning - was SO happy...but then was a little off..but we were out at the farm..and I was like..what is WRONG with were SO HAPPY two seconds ago..and then I laid him down in my arm, he looked up at me, cooed three times and fell asleep - SO cute and SO funny - I was like..oh..that was the were REALLY SUPER TIRED..even though it wasn't his 'normal' nap time..I think that he'd just gotten overstimulated and his brain was trying to process all!the!new!fun!things! and he was like..yeah..I gotta crash..done.

    I need to restart my computer before I can watch the video..flash keeps crashing..ugh! Can't wait to see it though! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)


    OMG. Dude. You just made something in me go I WANT ONE OF THOSE. WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! AHHH!

    Also. This may sound weird..but I read peoples blogs in different 'voices' - and sometimes when I hear their ACTUAL voice for the first time - I'm don't sound like that in my head...WEIRD..but alas..YOU SOUND EXACTLY LIKE THE VOICE IN MY HEAD! Wait. I mean how YOUR voice sounds in my head. Like how I THOUGHT your voice would sound. Wow..I'm just sounding REALLY crazy right now.

    Either way...Bizarroland.

  6. It is my first time reading your blog. You have a touching story and a beautiful story.

    Sounds like a good weekend.



  7. What a sweet little girl. The cupcakes you had were divine. I am glad I stopped by.

  8. Beautiful picture of you mama!! You look gorgeous.

    I just wanted to offer my service in case you ever need a cupcake testing assistant, I'm totally your girl (although it looks like I may be second in line)

  9. @Clara- we had a really nice weekend, I hope that you guys did too! Sorry about showing the cupcakes, we should go get some sometime!
    @Grumpy Grateful Mom- Thank you, I am quite smitten with her :) Yes, cupcakes are wonderful! It seems like wearing real clothes deserves a photo :)
    @laughwithusblog- I know! I actually took time to get ready, bring out the camera! P.S. your pictures are always great!
    @Daydreaming Fool- I need to sign up for some sort if messaging thing, what do you suggest? We need to have more fun convos! Abby seems to be a bit better today, I think she is teething, AGAIN! Oh my goodness, Erin, the Babe totally melts me. I totally do that with people's voices too! ha ha, I thought I was the only one, then when watching a video am like, "Huh, that's not the voice I imagined." ha ha!
    @Elena- thanks for stopping by, I will have to check out your blog! You are so sweet!
    @Shanae- thanks for stopping by, yes, the cupcakes are delish, I have such a weakness for them!
    @Irish Italian Blessing- you are such a sweetie! Yes, if I ever the opportunity to be a cupcake tester, I will totally send you one!