Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A sincere thank you and ABC of Me

First, I would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone for their prayers for my cousin's wife and son. The last I heard they had made it to Tokyo and all is well. I am not sure where they are headed next, but for now they are safe. You guys really are amazing, thank you!

I saw this over at Live. Love. Laugh. and thought it was a fun idea.

A. Age: 30 (shhh!)

B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore you dislike: cleaning the toilet, bleck!

D. Dogs: growing up we had dogs, now we have cats.

E. Essential start to your day: Coffee, plain and simple!

F. Favorite color: Aqua or Pink

G. Gold or silver: Either

H. Height: 5'6"

I. Instruments you play(ed): Does a telephone talk, because I seriously spent a lot of time talking on it. Otherwise, nada.

J. Job title: Stay at home mom

K. Kids: Adison, Ainsley, Abby

L. Live: Kansas
M. Mom’s name: Maggie

N. Nicknames: Mommy, DD

O. Overnight hospital stays: after having each one of my cupcakes and when I had my hysterectomy
P. Pet peeves: rudeness

Q. Quote from a movie: "My colors are blush and bashful, Mama." "Your colors are pink and pink."
{Bonus points for naming that movie!}

R. Righty or lefty: Right, although I always wanted to be a lefty
S. Siblings: younger brother, Joe aka Peter {It's confusing}
T. Time you wake up: 6:45, sigh, I have vague memories of 8:00
U. Underwear: yes, always

V. Vegetables you don’t like: onions {are those veggies?}, peppers, tomatos
W.What makes you run late: kids, hubby, kids, kids, kids

X. X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, knee, thumb

Y. Yummy food you make: Manicotti

Z. Zoo animal favorites: Elephants, I love them!


  1. Steel Magnolias for sure.
    And I am a righty and STILL wish I was a lefty. I can sit and watch a left handed person write for hours (ok maybe not quite that long) because I'm so amazed that they can do it. I try to write with my left hand and - well, I can't read whatever I've tried to write. And I've never met a lefty that didn't have the most beautiful handwriting. Except my mom. She writes kind of upside down. It's not ugly but it looks just like my aunt's who is a righty. Anyway - that was long :-)

  2. I am glad your cousin's family is safe. Everything going on over there just sounds so terrifying. My Dad and brother are lefties and they do things a little weird. I remember wanting to be a lefty so I could be like my dad. And Steel of the best movies ever! My late neice was named Shelby from that movie. Love it!

  3. This was such a fun read! I enjoyed getting to know you just a little more. :)