Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An enchanting inner circle

I have made absolutely no secret that this girl melts me.
One look from her slobbery little self and I can't help but rush over and pick her up.
She has me wrapped around her little finger and all the others as well {I am not the only one she has cast this spell over}.

There is something magical about this age.
I have relished in it with each of my girls.
It is full of kisses, cuddles, hugs, tickling, raspberry blowing goodness.
Yes, there are temper tantrum but they are easily soothed with a smooch and a tickle.

Today, she learned the fine art of blowing raspberries on my face.
She was giggling and covering me in drool.
I loved every. single. moment. of it.
It was one of those enchanting times that I wish I could record, preserve and play back as often as I wanted and needed.

I want to remember the smell of her skin.
The giggle of her laughter.
The weight of her in my arms and on my chest.
Every single nuance of her face.
The smell of her hair.
The wetness of her slobber on my cheeks and chin even.

This blessed, miracle of a child of mine is like a blooming flower.
Unless you have been blessed to reside in her inner circle, you see the small form of beauty that she chooses to show you.
You will see the child that will cling to her mama's legs and want her daddy to pick her up so she can bury her face in his neck.
You will see the look of uncertainty as she attempts to ascertain her comfort level with you.
She will appear quiet and perhaps timid.
But, if she chooses to open up, allow you to see her beauty with in, you will see something truly amazing.

A child with an adorable sense of humor.
A child that giggles and laughs with her sisters.
A child so full of curiosity and independence.
A child so quick to smile
A child that loves to dance and make funny faces.
A child that loves to cuddle and love on you.

This girl of mine, you see, has stolen my heart.
She has blessed us.
God has blessed us.
For this little miracle, whose birth seemed unlikely and hearing seemed doubtful, is truly Heaven sent.