Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh my goodness!

Today is day two of Spring Break.
While I have all my little cupcakes at home with me, I want to have fun with them.
According to my phone it was supposed to rain today, so I planned on a day at home.
Then I looked out the window and saw BLUE sky.
I quickly corralled the cupcakes and gave them the choice:
zoo or park

Park won by a landslide.
{Well, as much of a landslide as you can have with only two people voting.}

So, we packed up some snacks and some waters.
I also told Ainsley that she could bring the bubbles since she had been asking for two days to play with them.

We make it to the park and the girls all start having a good time.

Adison immediately made friends and started playing.
I love how social and fun she is, she makes friends everywhere we go.

Abby had a blast running around, going down the slide and playing with Ainsley.

Ainsley made a couple of friends, but really just wanted to play with Abby.
They were really cute.

Ainsley got the bubbles out to play with them.
She wasn't having much success though as it was REALLY windy.
{Ahh, life in the Midwest.}
After a few mini-tantrums, I asked her to put them away.
She complied surprisingly well.

I let the girls play for a while longer until announcing that it was time to head home and make some lunch.
The car ride home was a breeze.
We get home and as I am getting Abby out of her car seat I see something fly by in my peripheral vision.
I ignore it thinking that it must be a leaf or something as it was so windy.


Ainsley had snatched the bottle of bubbles away from Adison, taken the cap off and starting flailing it back and forth.
That is the question that I asked as well.
Her response:
"Because I thought it was frozen."
Huh, what???

There was bubble goo everywhere.
Her hair.
The driver's chair.
The steering wheel.
Her car seat.
The middle console.
The floor.
The worst though: her eye!

After attending to her eye, I started cleaning up the sticky mess.
Adison was sweet enough to help, what a doll!
Needless to say, Ainsley had her second bath in less than 24 hours.

Moral of the story:
Don't ever and I mean EVER trust your three year old with a bottle of bubbles.


Don't ever expect to get a reasonable explanation out of a three year old.


  1. rofl the other day I asked my 4yr old to pass me my purse. (I was nursing). His response: "I can't. It'll make me sick." Kids are just wacky lol

  2. Ugh bubble solution is awful to clean it just keep sudsing up. So sorry but way better to clean up than the 4 broken eggs i dropped last night!

  3. "Because I thought it was frozen!" LOL!!!!! I LOVE this post ;)