Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Sunday, bring on the random post! Yee haw!

To be honest, this weekend has not be great.
Not awful, but I look forward to my weekends.
It means I have an partner and extra set of hands to deal with the joyful chaos that is three children.

I'm not sure what made this weekend a bit rough.
Instead of focusing on the bleh part of the weekend, I CHOOSE to focus on the positive.
It really is all at how you look at a situation...or at least most of the time.

1. The girls actually let me sleep in a bit this morning!
Considering that I technically lost an hour due to time change (grrrr!) I call that an epic score.

2. Thanks to some meds for my hurt back I was asleep by 11:00 last night.
I am having muscle spasms again, I have no idea why.
What I do know though is that they are not fun!

3. We had a nice time as a fam at Sam's Club yesterday.
We had a drama free shopping trip which took much longer than it should have.
The poor check out lady rang our loot up as a cash payment rather than check.
It took FOREVER to get that fixed and the girls were good as gold during all of it.
We also ran into some friends while there, hello everyone!

4. We had church last night.
There really is no explanation needed.
Our church rocks, we love it, love the people.

5. Abby seems much happier today, even if those stinkin' teeth haven't popped through yet.
When will this happen?

6. I talked to my mom yesterday!
I am soooo excited about seeing her next weekend!

7. K wanted me to add that he got to play a new video game.
Some game named "Torchlight" is out, he is pumped!

8. Zoe aka the bathroom dweller hasn't puked in a couple of days.
This is monumental!

9. I have some pictures to share with you.
The first two are from Thursday when the little girls and I met up with a good friend and her kiddos for some play time at the park.

I was surprised at how independent Abby was this time.
She even went down the slide!

I absolutely love pictures of my girls holding hands.

She makes smile!

Ainsley is really into wearing her dress up costumes lately.
She is wearing one in the above picture of her and Abby, it's under her coat.

Snuggling on the couch Sunday morning.
Both of the girls request that I "make the picture pink".

Happy Sunday everyone, I am off to enjoy some breakfast made by K.
Yes, I am a blessed woman!


  1. aww too sweet. Kids can be chaotic and drive you bonkers one minute, and the next cause you to forget it all with their cuteness, silliness, all-over goodness :D

    I found you through An Irish-Italian Blessing and am a new follower :D

  2. Glad to hear you made the best of your weekend! Can your girls teach Karson how to sleep!?!??! We had 4 good nights in a row, but he cried from midnight to 4am last night...

  3. LOVE the pictures of the girls! They are so beautiful! I'm sorry about your back though, is it a common occurrence? Have a great start to the week!

  4. @hastaclaridad- thank you! This happened last year with my back, I have no idea what caused it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!
    @Kelly- so sorry to hear that Karson didn't sleep well. My girls are normally up at the crack of dawn, I was shocked that they actually slept in a bit. Hopefully you will get some good sleep tonight!
    @L.A.C.E. Thank you! I am following your blog now, love it!