Friday, August 31, 2012

I might need a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on

It's a list, I'm sorry, but after the crazy week that we've had, it's all I've got in me:

it's a 3 day weekend and while I'm looking forward to it my kids have been fighting like crazy. The little two have turned into a tag team temper tantrum duo {try saying that five times fast} and Adison is just annoyed with each and every single thing they do. Hold me or hand me a glass of wine, either work for me.

also, they have all turned into the tasmanian devils when it comes to the house. Holy smokes, they have been destroying/making a mess of everything. I think I have vacuumed the living room/dining room about 5 times in the last two days. Homegirls are messy.

we have some family members going through some health issues, so if you could please pray for them we would all be extremely grateful.

we found out yesterday that my dad will be having back surgery in a couple of weeks, again, prayers would be greatly appreciated.

there's more, but I'm sick of focusing on the frustrating and choose to focus on the good: my family, husband, children, parents, friends, life and for you all.

Have a lovely weekend, lovelies, xo

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