Monday, September 3, 2012


we took the girls out for donuts Friday night and they had these tiny picnic tables lined up, they were darling
m- many naps were taken this weekend and hopefully another one today ::yawn:: I have been so incredibly tired.

o- overwhelmingly blessed with friends. We went to a bbq at some friends house on Saturday, saw friends at church Saturday evening and hung out with some more friends last night. Friends rock.

n- NCIS watching with my oldest (only the non-scary/gory ones) who want to be an NCIS agent when she grows up. For real.

d- dancing beauties, my girls twirl and whirl with skirts shaped liked bells while giggling, squeals of delight

a- a labor day spent doing zero labor

y- ::yawn:: again. I'm considering spending this afternoon resting and watching some P&P, Lizzy and Darcy, what a lovely story.

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