Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chalboard Cabinet Happiness

This is the reason that I wanted to paint our kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint.
So I could see the creations of my kiddos.

They each have such creativity and imaginations, it astounds me.

Adison: the picture above is hers. She started drawing a few circles, maybe five or six then it became a radio tower and out of nowhere this rainbow spectacular emerged. I love it. I love watching her draw, it's almost as if she sees something that the rest of us just can't. Her art astounds me.

Ainsley: she likes to draw people. She likes to make up stories about them. She is very detailed, making sure that their clothes are just right. She likes to talk to you about what she's drawing while she drawing it. I love her stories, one of my favorites was one she drew of K and I. I was a princess with long hair like Rapunzel and K was a prince that came to rescue me. Oh my girly girl.

Abby: she is the most precise artist, she reminds me so much of my brother {he's an AMAZING artist}. His drawings are very detailed, made with small pen strokes. Abby's are as well. She will spend a long time on her drawings and will tell me about them when she is done. Then she'll ask, Do you see it? Yes baby, I do.

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