Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yesterday, finally tackling a 10 year project

Yesterday I woke up ready to tackle the house.
Sure it was "clean" but I had been a bit {read "a lot"} lax on being intentional.
Bare minimum was the rule of the game and I was out to win.
Luckily for me, my kids are a big fan of the easiest cleaning ever, ha.

Yesterday though felt like a day to tackle it.
and tackle I did.
The final remnants of summer are gone.
The swimming bag is packed away as are the pool toys.
The swimsuits are going on their vacation to the bottom of a dresser drawer.

All of the little projects that I had been putting off and turning a blind eye to were finally tackled.
willingly on my part even.

But then, oh then, I got a cr-a-zy idea in m.y head.

What if I finally finished the kitchen!?!

You see, I've loathed the kitchen in this house from the moment I first saw it.
It always seemed like such a big project that I shied away from it.

Yesterday though, I started the final process.


I will take pictures later.
It's a gorgeous icy blue, almost a white.
Gorgeous and a million times better than the horrendous off-white flower wallpaper.

Yay for an end to a decade long procrastination.

Have you ever resisted a project for a long time?

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  1. I procrastinate every single project - big or small. And by doing this sometimes it causes the project to be even bigger which is something I'm dealing with right now. Ugh.