Thursday, September 13, 2012

A rock up her nose

Yesterday afternoon we met up with some friends at the park.
Adison has been begging to go but it's been hot, not park weather at all.
The weather was nice and the kids were thrilled to be outside and play with their friends.
I was happy for the same reasons only switch playing with chatting.

Abby was playing on swinging on one of the bars and I had just commented to my friend Jennifer on how impressive Abby's swinging was.

You know what's coming, right?

Abby face planted into the pebbles.
Instantly screaming, freaking out.
I run over there to get her.
Blood in her mouth, on her lips, on her knee and some coming out of her nose.

Lots o' blood.
and snot.

I saw something in her left nostril and went to get it out, right then Abby inhaled really strongly through her nose.
I knew it, she sucked a rock INTO her nose.

Jennifer handed me a kleenex and I attempt to wipe her up.
She then offered to hold Abby so I could look up her nose, yep there's a rock up there.
She told me about a trick the pediatrician taught her about plugging the nostril without anything in it and blowing into their mouth and whatever is stuck in the other nostril should just come out.

First attempt, nada.
Other than my cheek covered in snot.
Second attempt, I blow and feel a gob of snot land on my cheek.
Ugh, I thought, it's still not out.
Wrong, it came out with a big glob of snot and landed on my cheek.
Sweet relief at knowing it was out.

She was so happy to get it out of her nose, can't you tell???

Prayer request:
My Dad is having back surgery tomorrow, would you please pray for him?
Thanks lovelies!


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! May 29, 1982 - my mom could've written this post. Minus the clever way you extracted the object from your daughter's nostril (and the way the object got inserted into said nostril).
    I was scratching the side of my nose with a rock (I was 4). Up it went. I stuck my finger up there trying to get it out. I shoved it further up.
    I decided not to tell anyone but they noticed the blood coming out of my nose. Off to the hospital I went.

  2. This is actually a really amazing tip as we have had several things stuck in our nose's! Thanks for the tip!