Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stream of thought

Ainsley is a goofball, much like her parents.

Last night my friend Jennifer and I took our younger kids to the library for some Pinkalicious fun.
They had cupcake decorating, magic wand decorating, flower making, face painting and balloon animals.

We skipped the face painting as the line went on for miles and Lee had bluntly told me earlier in the day, "I don't want to have my face painted."
Duly noted my dear.

Her ability to know her own mind so clearly is impressive to me.
As a child I was pretty passive with things, I was a huge people pleaser.
Still am to be honest, it annoys me at times.
I would often go along with whatever and then not be happy.

I remember going clothes shopping with my mom as a child.
She would show me something, I would agree that I liked it {even when I didn't} and then when we got home I wouldn't want to wear it.
As a parent, I can now understand how annoying that must have been. 

Yesterday morning I enrolled Adison in school.
4th grade.
It's crazy.
She said that she's kind of ready for school to start again, she wants to see all of her friends again but isn't ready to give up our laid-back summer.
I understand as I'm ready for our schedule to resume yet am not ready to hope back on the busy train yet.
I got the school calendar yesterday and started entering everything into my phone.
I've already agreed to join two committees, I was on them last year, but am not going to be taking anything else on.
I just don't want to get as worn down as I was last year, it's just too much.

We finally got some rain last night.
It was so very necessary.
The grass is almost completely brown and the trees are already losing some leaves.
It's just too hot for it be so very dry.

Okay lovelies, that's all I've got for today.

Does anyone have any prayer requests, if so please share!

xo, me


  1. Hey, Danna. Just got home last night from visiting my parents in their new house. The visit went well for the most part. I was there a little over a week. It was sad leaving them again. I probably won't see them again for 4 months. I've never gone that long even when I was in college.
    They for sure are not ready for school to start (since they work for the school system, back to school is for them, too). They've been gone 2 months and 1 day now.

    1. Hi Mari! I am happy to hear that your visit with your parents went well, I'm sure it was lovely to get together again. It's hard being separated from parents in my opinion. When my mom moved away a couple of years ago it was difficult for me, I was used to seeing her quite often. Now though, it makes seeing her that much more exciting! So happy to hear from you Mari! How has your summer been going?

    2. Summer's been going well. Just getting adjusted to my "new" life :-) I've been spending a LOT more time with my brother's family and rekindling a friendship between my sister in law and me.
      Haven't felt like updating my blog. Actually, I'm not too interested in it, but I made it private because there were two specific people I didn't want reading it. And then after that I just never felt like updating. So, I'm probably done there.
      While it's necessary for my mom and I to live apart (if she didn't go, it was to the point that I had to), it's still hard to say good-bye not knowing when we'll see each other again. We had a great visit! A lot of fun.