Monday, August 6, 2012


Last Thursday was my mother-in-law's birthday.
I won't share which one but say that it starts with a certain number between 5 and 7 and ends with a 0.
It's a big deal yo.

My father-in-law, Bob, and sister-in-law, Anna, collaborated in throwing my mother-in-law, Terrie, a wonderful surprise.
A surprise made complete with out of town family coming in town and her best friends.

She didn't know about it.
I was a bit worried as a confusing text convo between K and I led me to sharing secret info that I thought wasn't secret with my very talkative nine year old.
I then realized my blunder and tried to fix the situation only to have said nine year old blurt out a top secret information to Terrie.
Thankfully she didn't catch the info and somehow didn't question what Adison said.
It's probably because our family of five showing up around dinner time with three children that have been packed into the back of a sedan for over an hour is the blessed culprit of said information being glazed over.

The next day we layed low.
I slept until 11 thanks to feeling super run down, yay allergies {sarcasm}.
We watched some Olympics.
Yay {no sarcasm} as we don't have cable anymore so I had missed all of it.
I watched some swimming, track, volleyball, water polo, fencing and trampoline.
Seriously, trampoline?
Is this new or have I somehow been unaware of trampoline being an Olympic sport.
P.S. I also heard that they also have speed walking now, can anyone confirm that for me? I am feeling slightly confused, what other Olympic sports do I not know about?

Back to the story as I got completely sidetracked by all. things. Olympic.

We went over to Anna's house about 20 minutes for Bob and Terrie were due to arrive.
Snap, I just realized I forgot to tell you the cover story:
We were dressed up to go to Terrie's fav Italian restaurant for a celebratory dinner.
Beforehand though, we were going to go over to Anna and Isaac's {her hubby} for drinks and appetizers.
End cover story.

The house was all decorated and everyone was fancied up.
We were all hiding in the living room.
Terrie was so cute talking to Anna about how fancy the house was all decorated, still not having put it all together.
She walked through to the living room when roughly 40 people started singing Happy Birthday to her.

She cried and so surprised.
It was so much fun.
I got to meet K's cousin's new baby boy, catch up with Tiffany and meet her little girl, make some new friends, celebrate life and marriage and birth and so so so much more.
We stayed up late and talked and talked some more.

I had to share this precious pic of Miss Abigail.
My niece, Ada, made this little hat.

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