Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pinterest yumminess- Crispy Edamame

They were delicious.
I don't normally make the things I pin on Pinterest.
Probably because when I'm at the grocery store I usually have all three kids with me and chaos ensues.
Plus, shopping for a new recipe takes time and planning, forethought, something I don't generally employ before a shopping trip.
I'm more concerned with making sure the children are nice and full as well as making sure that I am properly caffeinated.

I saw this pin for Crispy Edamame and knew that I HAD to try it.
I love edamame, it's delicious.
I love parmesan cheese.
I love cheesy snacks, a little too much.

Crispy, cheesy snacks tend to be my downfall.
Yay gym, not.

These, while definitely cheesy were not so crunchy.
They were, however, delicious.
Everyone liked them, especially Abby.
K even tried them and he's not in the edamame fan club.

I think that next time I make them I will make sure to put some extra parm on top before baking and maybe mix in a bit of garlic.
You simply cannot go wrong with adding garlic, at least in my book.
Well, okay, you can go wrong adding garlic to pastries.

Lee just ran back to eat some more and declared them, "Yum."

Have you tried making any recipes from Pinterest?
Any delicious ones that your family loved?

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  1. I have yet to make any pinterest recipes. But this one sounds intriguing.