Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Can you spot the funny?

Yesterday I was going through pics on my phone, you guys, I had over 700 from my phone alone plus an extra 1,000 from the iCloud.
Picture overload.

Tangent: I have the hardest time deleting pictures off of my phone.
It's like I'm afraid that if I delete them that I will forget that moment.
Which, to be honest, is not that far off from truth, what is it about having kids that sucks your brain out?
What would I do without my smartphone other than forget absolutely everything and then double book everything else.
End tangent.

Back to pictures.
I meant to share this with you guys forever and a day ago, but then I got lazy because I would need to unplug the usb cable from my phone charger and plug it into my computer to then get the picture off of my phone.
Ridiculous, I know.
But then, due to me forgetting everything...what's my name again...when's my birthday...
I forgot, hence, me looking at old pictures on my phone, running across the beauty and remembering, Hey Self, remember when you wanted to share this picture with your lovelies and then totally got lazy then forgot?


Here you go my dears, I hope you get as many laughs from this pic as we did.

p.s. this was at the gorilla exhibit

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