Tuesday, August 14, 2012

in which I discuss our weekend and then ramble on a tangent

This is what I've been doing the last week or so.
Yep, my cat, Chloe, does the perfect "sick Danna" pose.
Sleepy kitty is getting old.
I seriously worry about her dying while K is at work and the kids are at home.
I don't know what I would do, well, besides freak out and cry hysterically.
Today, when I caught her napping on our bed {naughty kitty!} I had to quietly watch her to make sure that she was breathing.
Insane a bit, yep.
{Has anyone else with an iPhone been seriously pampered with autocorrect? Yes, we all complain about the weirdo word mistakes, but I love that 99% of the time it correct my misspelling like iwth = with. I find that now when I type I have way more mistakes than ever before. Thank you autocorrect for making my life easier.}

Anyways, serious rambling going on today.
I had a post all typed up in my brain and then when I sat down to write it all of the other nonsense in my brain decided to spill out.
Sorry lovelies.

Okay, sleeping cat = perfect representation of me.
The weird thing about this sickness is how tired it made me.
I struggled with sleeping at night but during the day found it next to impossible to keep my eyes open.
I am so very grateful I got sick before school started.

To thank the kidlets for their patience while K and I were sick I decided to take them to our favorite cupcake place as a reward.
K was still too sick to go so I brought some home.
His request was either: something with lime or the grasshopper {mint} kind.
Billy Vanilly has daily special cupcakes as well as their everyday selection.
You never really know {unless you plan ahead and check on-line what the daily specials are, which I NEVER remember to do} what's going to be available.

The two pictured are the Mojito and Cosmopolitan.
sans alcohol
So yummy.

Okay lovelies, sorry for the ramble or as my friend, Jennifer, likes to call it Shiny Object Syndrome.


  1. "shiny object syndrome" if it wasn't for the fact that I am nursing the most noise sensitive Miss Ellary I would have laughed really hard!!!

  2. Hahaha. "Shiny Object Syndrom" that's hilarious! I actually have autocorrect off, because most of the time it changes it to something that I didn't mean and so I got annoyed and turned it off :) Sometimes I do miss it though. I should maybe try turning it back on and try it out again. Also, Chris has a very old cat, 17 human years old I think and sometimes when he's sleeping I will actually wake him up to make sure he is still with us. Poor guy I know, but I have to make sure! You know? So no, I don't think you're insane, you're just looking out for your sweet kitty :}

  3. Your post made me....oh, did you see that squirrel! ;) You know i love you!

  4. Cam and I just tried these two cupcakes the other day. Delicious!