Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Ba-ba Fairy

Abby still has a pacifier or as they are called in our house, a "ba-ba".
Abby has a particular knack for losing her ba-bas in our house for some reason.
She is only "supposed" to have them at nap and bed time.
I say "supposed" to have them then, but with age comes some sneaky smarts and homegirl has figured out that she can sneak them out of her bed.

Forever and a day ago she lost her last ba-ba and she's VERY particular when it comes to them.
I had decided that I was "laying down the law" and I was NOT going to buy anymore of them.
You can laugh at/with me if you want to, hahahahahahaha!
The next nap time not having a ba-ba she flipped out, she's got a bit of a temper.

She then found some other pacifier that was a different brand and put up with it for a day or so but then started complaining that it was hurting her teeth.

I don't know if it's because she's my baby or because she is the youngest of my kids and let's be honesty, mama needs a break.

I broke down, broke my own law, saved myself a headache or two and bought her another ba-ba.
It's a necessity around here.

She didn't realize that they came in a two pack so I hid the extra one knowing that the other one would get lost.

Well, the day came, her fabit {favorite}pirate ba-ba went missing.
She was crushed and would tell anyone listening that it was lost.
She was so sad, it was heartbreaking.

I brought out the other one and for some strange reason decided to tell her that the "Ba-ba Fairy" brought it to her.
She would come back though and take the ba-ba away eventually and give it to a baby that would need one.

All went well, she went with it and would constantly remind us that she couldn't keep it for very long because a baby needed her ba-ba.

But, remember earlier when I mentioned that age brings sneaky smarts?
Well, when K or I would tell her to give up the bink she would get flat out snarky and inform us that if we took away her ba-ba then the Ba-ba Fairy would bring her yots and yots of ba-bas.

Man, she got us.
Figured out how to beat the system.

She forgot one thing though, we are the parents, the adults.

We just take it away and out of sight all the while Abby's little voice is harping about the Ba-ba Fairy will bring her more.

Ah, life with a two year old, it's never dull.

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