Thursday, August 23, 2012

Backseat Conversation

For this conversation to make sense I am going to call Ainsley or Lee as she is often referred to as "L", Abby or Babs as she is often called will be B.

B: I'm the biggest.
L: No you're not, Papa {my Dad} is.
No, actually, Uncle Isaac is.
B: No, I'M the biggest.
L: No, Abby, Jesus is the biggest.
B: No, it's me.
L: No, it's Jesus, he's the biggest because He's in Heaven.
He has all sorts of neat things up there like books.
B: I love Jesus.
L: Me too, when we die we get to go to Heaven with Him.
B: Yeah, we get to go to Heaven with Him.
L: But, we have to die on the cross like He did.
B: Yeah, it'll make my knees hurt real bad.

I obviously corrected Lee that we don't have to die on the cross to get to Heaven, rather, it is through believing that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. That His sacrifice was and is enough and that we are saved by grace as we can never be good enough on our own to get in.

It cracks me up to hear how much they bicker about things yet ultimately work things out and come to a mutually satisfying result. They are such an amazing duo, the play well together, are best friends. Even though they fight sometimes they come together and are just a great team.

This conversation went on in the van on our way home. I often like to quietly listen to what they have to say. The back and forth flow of information and thoughts. To hear how stubborn and unyielding they both are but peace always prevails and ends with laughter.

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