Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Right now I'm...

listening to the girls talk

urging myself to go get dinner ready {enchiladas!}

feeling the workout I did this morning, yowza!

starting the countdown until Pilates class tonight

waiting for my darling niece to come over

waiting for K to get home from work

enjoying my post-coffee alertness

so glad that I don't have another migraine like I did yesterday

feeling super pumped about running in The Color Run again, my brother will be running it with me this time. K and the girls as well as my mom, step-dad and dad will be there to cheer us on

in disbelief that tomorrow is Thursday already

feeling so very grateful for life and love and friends and family

itching to start reading another book

really hungry for the previously mentioned enchiladas

feeling ready for fall and blue jeans and boots and sweaters

What are you up to?

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