Monday, August 20, 2012

A wanderin' we went

Saturday evening K declared a desire to take the girls for a walk on a beautiful trail that runs through town.
There is a creek, a big wooded area, wildflowers and such.
Adison saw the vine hanging down and couldn't wait to try it out.

The girls always have fun and it's an opportunity for K and I to talk and watch the kids.
Interact with the kids while doing something different.
Plus, we get some exercise, I love multitasking!

We found a cicaida.
I live one, well, just barely alive.
It didn't even have the strength to fly away.
It was in the middle of the sidewalk and K very nicely put it back in the grass.

Miss Babykins, homegirl was even more opinionated than normal.
It. had. to. be. just. right.
It's a good thing she is smooshably cute.
It's her superpower.

Lee got to ride her bike.
She was a trooper and proclaimed that It's the very best day ever ever.
Well, alrighty then.

I love pigtails on little girls, I mean, is there anything cuter?
Well, besides said little girl's shadow, double the pigtail for the win!

It was such a gorgeous day out.

I had to snap some pics of the greenery, isn't it pretty?

Ugh, before we know it winter will be here.

This, my lovelies, is Kansas for ya.
Well, it's missing a cow or two as well as some wheat.
Besides that though, Kansas.

How was your weekend my dears?

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