Friday, August 10, 2012


life rearranged

Hello lovelies!
How was your week?
Around here, well, it consisted of 3 healthy children and a sick me.
Allergies + pushing yourself too much = sickness
I'm feeling much better though, woo to the hoo, but was up a lot last night coughing.
{Although poor K is sick today, allergies + asthma = no me gusta}
I'm tired, but feeling pretty good.
Good enough to realize that this is the last Friday before school starts.
Hold me, I want to cry.
School starts in 5 days, FIVE DAYS.
So. not. ready.

Monday I dragged myself, properly caffeinated, and the kiddos to the store to get Adison's school supplies.
I learned from my mistake of waiting until the absolute last minute last year.
I was able to find everything she needed at one store.

This girl.
She slays me with her cuteness.
I want to bottle up her sweetness, I think it could finally bring about lasting world peace.
For real.
She was a cowgirl/ballerina.
What you can't see in this pic are her ballet skirt and cowgirl boots.
It was fierce.

We got rain.
For real, water falling from the sky rain.
I know that the majority of the U.S. is having a drought too, but when you see nothing but ruined crops it's heartbreaking.
It's someones livelihood, that brown, brittle corn.

While it rained I took the girls out to enjoy it.
Running and dancing ensued, as well as a rainbow hunt as the sun was shining too.
I *thought* I  saw a faint one, but can't be sure.

While doing Adison's school supply shopping I saw this cupcake.
It's supposed to make your locker smell good and seeing as I don't have a locker I decided to hang it in my car.
It smells a bit like chocolate bubble gum, odd but I'm going with it.

Um, yeah, this picture...I don't really have words for other than my girl is a massive goof ball.

These two, there fighting is what will turn my hair grey.
However, they will occasionally, very occasionally, have moments of peace and sisterly love.
Adison found a new game to play and Ainsley absolutely loved watching her play it.
Thanks Steve Jobs for bringing peace to what would probably be feuding sisters.

We don't have a Trader Joe's in our fair city.
Sad face.
However, the in-laws do!
Before we left their house on Sunday we picked up some yumminess.
I really love flax so these were a no brainer in my book, deliciousness.
They tasted so good with TJ's black bean soup, me gusta.


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  2. I'd love to try those chips! They look delicious!

    Happy Weekend!

  3. That cupcake car scent sounds amazing!