Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spensers Focus, an inspiring family

As I mentioned on Sunday, we made a trip to the Farmer's Market.
Expecting -and hoping- for finds such as: asparagus, zucchini and maybe a breakfast burrito -or two- and, what has become an expectation, the balloon animals.
What I wasn't expecting, not even a little, was to meet an amazing young man named Spenser and his lovely parents, Raye and Stephen.

Thinking back, I'm not even sure what caught my eye.
What made us pause, because folks, it was hot and humid and the kids were showing signs of mutiny.

But something made us stop.
Maybe it was the colors, the beauty, the energy of this nice couple or maybe it was Spenser himself.

But, stop we did.
Drawn in by the colors, the swirls, the textures.


Then, we found out part of the story behind the artist, Spenser.
Spenser has autism.


He expresses himself so beautifully through art.
Namely chalk and bubbles.
His mom and dad shared with us that he will cover their entire driveway with his masterpieces.
They then photograph them and turn them into beautiful pieces that we can take home with us.
I love what it said on their business card Art through the eyes of Autism.

From their website: 
Spenser is an exceptional young man with autism. He has limited communication skills but manages to navigate our world every day. Spenser has been filling our driveway with his sidewalk chalk art for a number of years. He makes patchworks of layered color and shapes, many of which are inspired by his passion for the weather. We wanted to share his work, and hope you enjoy his vision as we do.


I so enjoyed my time with them at the Farmer's Market.
We're hoping to go next week, it would be a delight to stop by their booth and peruse some more art.

Check out their website and blog, I'm sure that you will be as impressed with this amazing family as I am.

Here are a few of the items that we purchased {sorry for the poor photo quality on my part, sigh}:

Prayer request:
K's cousin, Tiffany, is having surgery tomorrow, would you please lift her up in prayer. For a successful surgery, for rapid healing, for peace.

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  1. Peter and I are excited to get to the Farmers Market and check these out!