Friday, May 4, 2012


life rearranged

Happy Friday my dears!
How was your week?
Ours was capital B busy.
Head on over to Life. rearranged and share your cell phones pics from the week!
{Shh, don't tell, but some of mine were from last week too.}

I saw this fabric at the fabric store and have never, not ever, wished that I could sew.
I want to learn so bad!
Time to start saving up $$$ for a sewing machine I think.
Isn't that fabric great!?!
They have so many cupcake options to choose from.
Sewing, I need to learn.

My baby.
She's growing up way too fast.
This morning she was belting out the man or a muppet song from the new Muppets movie like a gospel singer.
I tried to get it on video, but the sound didn't work.

Double rainbows.
I love that we don't see rainbows very often, it makes seeing them such a treat.
This same morning I went to Sonic for a Coke and the lady in front of me paid for mine.
It was an awesome morning!

I know I shared this picture already, but it is seriously one of my favorite Adison pictures of all times.
I love love love the big grin on her face.
The look of accomplishment of finishing her race.

Wednesday morning, while I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get the older girls ready for school, Miss Abby got quiet.
That always means something interesting is going on.
Turns out she had been sneaky the night before and put some cookies in her Winnie the Pooh house.
I found her sitting in the chair quietly nibbling away at them.
When I said something to her she flashed me this goofy "ya caught me" grin.

This is so Ainsley.
Everything about this picture screams her name.
The ballet clothes, the pink sunglasses, the big bow in her hair, Abby playing in the background, the smile.
Everything about her in this one picture.

Head on over and share your weekly pics, I can't wait to see them!