Friday, May 11, 2012


We have been insanely busy this past week, so I apologize for the lack of pictures.
I'm so ready for summer, ready for a change of pace.
For lazy days.
Until then, I'll link up a few pictures from this past week.
Head on over and link up your pics, too!

life rearranged

She was watching The Muppets while wearing her Muppets sweatshirt.
Happy girl!
She is doing AMAZING with her potty training, woo hoo!
She's only wearing diapers at nap & bedtime.
She's a rock star I tell ya!

K took this pic the other night while we were at the lake for Adison's last soccer practice.
I love it.
Love every single thing about it.

Adison had Bible study on Wednesday evening.
Normally my bestie, Jennifer, and I would find something to do for about 45 minutes sans kids.
This past Wednesday though, Abby was too sweet to leave.
Mama, don't yeave me!
Of course I had to bring her, how can you say no to that?
We got cupcakes and Babs got a little container of frosting.

Okay, so another shot while at the lake.
I was attempting to get a picture of Ainsley, her best friend, Kailyn, and Abby.
K had another idea though, photo bomb.
Well, hey there handsome!

Ainsley took this picture the other night.
Me, making dinner, Abby at my feet and a messy kitchen.
Yep, that's my life and oh how I love it!

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  1. I love your life :) You are doing an awesome job. It doesn't matter what your house looks like, we all know you're children are great and your family is great. Love you all.