Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Funny {Finally!}

The Good: School's. out. for. summer. I am saying adios to schedules and hola to laid-back days. It's been nice, most of the time, having all of my chicks at home with me. I worked out a couple of times this week and {fingers crossed} plan to go again tomorrow. I am determined to get back in shape and be more healthy. It needs to happen. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I actually really liked it. Like, smiling while working out. Say what? Yep, I was in a nice groove where it all felt good. Too bad the same can't be said for my legs today, but that must mean that I am doing it right? The pool opens sometime this weekend and we are planning on going Tuesday at the latest. Speaking of the pool, swimming lessons are coming up soon. My little ducklings need some more lessons. I mentioned before that Abby had started potty training, well, homegirl is a rockstar. Most nap times her pull-up stays dry and she has even stayed dry a couple of nights! Woo hoo! Adison and I have a love for putting together puzzles. Yesterday we spent a good amount of time working on one together, it was so nice.

The Bad: I'm not watching baby B anymore, yesterday was the last day {her grandma normally watches her, I was helping out during tax season}. We are all going to miss her. Abby woke up from her nap today asking where B was. Good thing we are in small group together so we can see her regularly. We think poor Abby has allergies, poor girl was miserable the beginning of the week. While it is awesome having all the girls at home there have been some readjusting going on. Every summer it happens and I know to expect it, I just don't like seeing the girls struggle to find a new normal.

The Funny: The little two are super competitive with other cars when we are driving somewhere. All I hear from them is, "Pass them, Mama!" "Mama, don't let them pass us!" Abby even throws in a few "arghs" for good measure. Adison and I laugh and laugh at their antics. 


  1. Cute, my 3 year old son yells "we go faster!!!" when we pass a car, he loves it!

  2. Sadface! We will miss baby B.

  3. Cute! Mine always try to make me go through the red lights as they feel they are red for far too long lol