Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Abby this morning watching the pirate Backyardigans episode

She's a pirate.

At least she thinks she is and that's what we're going with.

It's become commonplace to hear "argh!" "ahoy matey!" and "walk the plank" all spoken with a gruff two-year old voice.

That with her arm crooked at just the right angle, her back slightly hunched over.

Sometimes she even includes a shuffling gallop is you aren't within arms reach.

It's become a family show.

K and I, obviously cannot resist her charm and spunk.

Playing right along with "walk the plank!" and "shiver me timbers" thrown in to make her giggle.

One of the sweetest things about this stage that Abby is in is seeing her sisters play along.

Lee pretends she has a hook for a hand using her finger.

Adison gets down on her knees and "arghs" at Abby, pretending to chase her and occasionally taking part in a mock sword battle. Often done using spatulas, which adds to the hilarity of the scene.

I love that everyone is playing along with the youngest member of our family.

Indulging and encouraging her make-believe wonderland without complaint but rather joy.

A band of pirates are we, argh!


  1. LOL, I totally know what that is like! Did you know Facebook has a pirate language setting? Argh Matey, You should check it out, it's pretty funny