Monday, May 21, 2012


I am missing this here blog.
I know I posted a couple of times last week, but I am used to posting everyday.
Things have been busy and computer time has fallen by the wayside.
I didn't use my computer the entire weekend.
Life has been full and busy.

Adison and Ainsley are officially on summer break.
We celebrated in our typical fashion, picnic with friends.
Adison is now a 4th grader.
Hold me.
How in the world is she growing up so fast, it seems surreal.

My mom came in town on Saturday.
Abby kept calling her "Grandma-mommy" but wouldn't get near here, homegirl is even more shy than possible if that is humanly possible.
She managed to stay dry the ENTIRE time we were out and even went potty while we were out.
So, we are "officially" out of diapers but using pull-ups during sleep times.
I call that success!
My mom got me the most fantastic Mother's necklace, I need to take a picture and share it with you guys.
She knows me so well.

We had church Saturday evening and let me tell ya, I feel blessed beyond measure that we were lead to such an amazing church.
The friends that we have made, the relationships that we have formed, priceless.

Ainsley has gotten to a very interesting stage.
She not only knows, but feels guilt when she does something that she is not supposed to.
To see the remorse for bad choices, while heartbreaking to see her cry is also encouraging as I know that she is maturing and has such a soft, sweet heart.
It breaks my heart to listen to her tearful apologies and to see the tears stream down her face.
Ah, growing up, it's tough stuff even when you're four.

Abby had her 2 1/2 year check up this morning.
She is getting bigger!
26 pounds, what what!
Everything looks great and it appears that homegirl might have allergies.
Poor baby child, ah, lets just stick with baby, shall we?

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