Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guess who started potty training!?!


This little jelly bean is.
How, oh how did my little teeny tiny baby get old enough to potty train!?!

Her cousin, Cameron, came over today and she wears big girl underwear.
That was all it took.

Abby's only had two accidents, or as she likes to call them, "leaks".

Help, Mama, I leaky!

She even stayed dry during nap time {she had a diaper on} AND when we picked up Adison from school {diaper free!}!

She is so very excited and super motivated to use the potty.

Just think you guys, I am at the verge of having 0 kids in diapers anymore!

It will be very interesting to see if this continues, but, as I see it, if nothing else it's good practice.


  1. Such exciting stuff!!! Never a dull moment when potty training happens. You go Abby!!

  2. So excited that Abby kept with it after we left this morning! Yay!

  3. are you serious?? that's awesome!!! How old is she? Grace PT'ed really young (well, young in my world!!!) that'd be SO awesome for no more diapers!!!!