Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chalkboard cabinet creations

Chalkboard cabinet art.
The children have enjoyed coloring on the cabinets.

Expressing their creativity.
Sometimes it's randoms dots of chalk that looks like falling snow.
Other times it is a rainbow, somehow captured and now decorating our home.
We have even had a princess who was being rescued by her prince.

Sometimes I hear giggling coming from the kitchen, I sit and listen.
Enjoying the sounds of camaraderie.
There is story-telling going on or calling dibs on who gets to draw on each one.
Pleas to not write/color/erase someone's creation.

Some of my favorite drawings to find are when K has been drawing with them.
{Have I ever told you what an amazing artist K is?}
K's drawings coinciding with the children's.

I have been ever so pleased with this project.
I'm trying to think of other things I can paint with it.


  1. How Fun! I love that they are enjoying it so much.

  2. Oh my word I love this...I foresee a new project for my husband!