Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Run Adison Run!

Adison had her Spring Fun Run for school on Monday.
She was really looking forward to it and I was really looking forward to cheering her on!
Oh the excitement I felt when she came into view.
Running running running
She finished fourth among the girls and was pleased as punch.
You could see how excited she was to get close to the finish line, to hear the whooping, the hollering, her name being yelled.
It's kinda fuzzy, but can you see that big grin on her face?
I saw it and felt it spread to my face as well.
That girl is pure sunshine.

After they had the race there was a carnival.
Abby wanted to be held the entire time and I would have loved to have been able to do it, but my arms were getting sore.
I eventually asked K is he thought she could fit between me and the backpack {diaper bag}.
She did and couldn't have been happier.
I could feel her little body relax into mine, I love having her close to me.

Ainsley was thrilled at all the bouncy houses they had.
This one had a mini-obstacle course and a big slide.
Her little best friend Kaylin went on it with her several times.
There is something about watching to little girls run hand-in-hand, with excited giggles that makes everything feel okay in the world.
She then went over to an actual bouncy house where she bounced around like a loon.
Then, without any indication, she ran headfirst into a big blow up column and went flying backwards.
It was a riot.

This is Adison and her bff, Emmy.
They were gladiators.
Teeny tiny little gladiators.
It was epic.

We had such a fun night.
Catching up with friends.
Children playing and having fun.
Can't wait for next year!