Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'Twas the day after Christmas and our house was freezing...

As previously stated, we visited K's family Christmas Day.
We planned on coming back the next day around 1:30 so that we could get some food prepped for a Christmas celebration at my brother's house.

We get home, get the kiddos inside and K starts unpacking the car.
All of a sudden we realize OUR HOUSE IS FREEZING.
While I prep food, hubby starts fiddling with the heater.
In the meantime, the kids are cold, teeth chattering cold.

Hubby finishes unpacking the car and I start praying.
Please dear Lord, please let this be no big deal. Please, please, please.
K goes to the basement and figures out what is wrong with the heater, the ignitor on it isn't working.
Uh oh.
We decide to worry about it when we get back.
We have space heaters and a fireplace, we will be a-okay for the night.

We get back from my brother's, hubby checks the thermostat and it says it is in the mid-to-low 50's.
It was time for the girls to go to bed, they were nice and toasty with space heaters humming.
K just happened to know someone out of state that fixes heaters.
He told K that he too thought that the ignitor was broken and we should be able to pick up the part and K could fix it.

The next morning, after driving all around the city he FINALLY finds the part.
K, my hubby, fixed the heater and probably saved us over $200!
Woo hoo!

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