Monday, December 6, 2010

I just don't know

I just don't know what to "talk" about today...

Maybe the nastiness that splatted out of Ainsley's nose and onto the floor this morning.

Maybe about the 1,000th person that asked me if we were going to have another baby so we can "get that boy" or if my husband was disappointed that we only have girls.

Maybe the fact that I am still not really in the Christmas spirit.
I am faking it for the kids.
House decorated, music playing, house smelling yummy.

Maybe about the fact that I have gotten NONE of my Christmas shopping done yet.
Still not freaking out about it.

Maybe about the fact that I have three of the sweetest most darling little girls that have ever existed.

Maybe about my wonderful, funny hubby that makes me laugh even when he is so nauseous.
What a catch!

Maybe I just wrote about all of those things.

Happy Monday!


  1. happy monday & i hope you find yourself in the christmas spirit soon. :)
    following you from blogfrog...

  2. I love it! Still no tree...hiding my head in shame! lol