Thursday, December 2, 2010


I feel the need to be honest and say that I am procrastinating.
I have 1,265,478 things to do but I have chosen to write instead.
Last night we got the house ready for Christmas!
While we decorated we listened to some Third Day Christmas Offerings.
Simply beautiful music!

After I pulled 7 boxes of Christmas ornaments out of the basement and K brought home 2 more boxes of lights we were ready to begin.
The tree and the mess.

Close up of the tree.

 Adison was so excited to find the star!

It was Ainsley's turn to put the star up this year. 

Finished tree and proud sisters!

Our mantel, this is the Nativity set that we used when I was a child.
There is a set of lights behind it.

Some more little decorations. This is our sideboard in the dining room.
The stocking on the wall was my Dad's when he was a child, his mom made it for him.

Well folks, that's it.
Decorating is done!
The kids are having so much fun with the festive decorations.
Abby was is awe when she finally discovered the tree this morning, it was darling!

Happy Thursday, I am off to get some of my to-do list tackled.
Wish me luck :)

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  1. Everything looks so pretty! I was going to do it today...really I was! :)