Saturday, December 4, 2010


Abby is teething.
This has been our worst teething experience EVER!
Poor thing is miserable and this has been going on for almost a week now.
She has also been swinging between these two extremes:
Momentarily content to screaming banshee.

Hubby is feeling under the weather, not fun.

I love that our house is now decorated.
 I love sitting there with the overhead lights off and the Christmas lights glowing.

I have not done ANY Christmas shopping yet.
I am also not freaking out at all, strange.

The girls decided that they wanted leftover ravioli for breakfast this morning...cold.
I don't get it, don't even pretend to.
I am not a person that likes to eat warm food cold.
Cold pizza, no thank you.
It cracks hubby up, he likes to eat food cold.

I realized that it hasn't snowed yet.
Not that I am wanting it to, but it is odd.
Wouldn't it be great to have a snow free winter!?!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday.
I was just too tired.

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. Poor little thing! I hope she gets some relief soon! Ravioli for breakfast...I draw the line!

  2. I so hope her teeth come in soon! E has been having the same issues, except he is just a screaming banshee ALL the time. He just crawls after me crying and trying to climb on me until I pick him up. Poor boy...driving me crazy!! I am glad you have your Christmas stuff up, and weirded you don't have any shopping done...I have almost ALL ours done. I really jumped the gun this year though. I also believe in eating foods warm (hot even) that are supposed to be warm. I am just rambling, but I feel like I haven't seen ya in ages. We should go jogging soon!

  3. Your poor little one! Hope shes feeling better soon!

  4. Your poor little one! Hope shes feeling better soon!