Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas Recap

It's a Christmas recap!
Oh so exciting.
We had the most wonderful Christmas ever!
It was full of family, fun, Christ and laughter.

Monday before Christmas at my Dad and Step-Mom's house

We had a wonderful time hanging out together and had the yummiest tomato mac & cheese.
It was amazing.
I only got a couple of pics though, my camera decided to be oh so thoughtful and the battery died.

Adison and Papa (my Dad)

Lee was eyeing the Christmas presents, too busy to take a picture.

Abby and I, she didn't want to be in the picture.

Christmas Morning

Hubs and myself.
Don't you love bedhead and no make-up?

This for me is one of the best pics.
The girls were so excited and happy.

Ains sitting on her Pillow Pet.
She kept saying, "I got the yady bug!"
For our kiddos, it was the MUST HAVE GIFT.

Adison modeling her new hat.

The girls helping Abby open her present from Santa.

Abby in awe of Despicable Me.
She liked playing with the trash more than her presents.

Christmas afternoon at K's parent's house

We had so much fun.
The kids ran around together and played.
There was yummy food to eat, fun conversations and karaoke.

The new family photo. Smiles and everyone is looking at the camera. Score!

 Lee just had to have a picture with her "yady bug"

 All the cousins lined up in a row waiting to open their stockings.
They were amazing! They did their stocking one by one starting with the youngest.
They were so patient, there was nary a peep to be heard.

Adison and Abby .
Adison was so cute and helped Abby open her stocking.

 Abby trying to swipe something off of the table.

Ainsley opening one of her presents.

 Daddy and Abby taking pictures together.

The day after Christmas
We celebrated at my brother and sister-in-law's house.
My mom and step-dad came into town to celebrate.
We had so much fun and my SIL is an amazing host.
My little niece Cameron was just too cute for words!

My Mom and Step-Dad with all the granddaughters.

Adison and Ainsley not so patiently waiting to open presents.

Abby happily eating. Seriously, she was giddy.


That's it folks.
Our Christmas extravaganza.
It was fun and I can't wait until next year!

What about you, how was your Christmas?

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