Wednesday, June 13, 2012

She likes to do things first

What is it with my darling, princess middle child that loves to have medical issues first?
Let me start out by saying that we have been blessed.
Our children are so healthy medically speaking and we haven't had anything major/scary happen {praise the Lord}.

With that being said, my middle child loves to through me for a loop...or two...or three.
I experience parenting firsts with her like never before.

Exhibit A.
The rock incident.
Why in the world she decided to put this thing in her mouth in the first place is beyond my understanding.

Exhibit B.
Not fun, my poor baby, she was so brave.
4 stitches for a 4 year old.

Exhibit C.
Swimmer's ear.
Yesterday around dinner she came to me and said that her ear was wet.
Weird, I know.
But, I checked and lo and behold, the hair by her ear was wet, looked at her ear and there was a pinking tinged discharge coming from her ear.
Weird, but I started thinking that maybe she had some water in her ear from swimming lessons?
This morning though, more discharge, now it was bloodier.
A few minutes later she told me that they other ear had earwax in it, nope, not earwax, blood.
That definitely sealed the deal, no swimming lessons for her and a phone call to the doctor's office.
Long story short, homegirl has swimmer's ear in both ears.
Antibiotic ear drops are in order and no more swimming until the pain/discharge stops, probably though for the full 7 days of the antibiotic.

I had taken a picture of her ear, but believe me when I say that you'd thank me for not sharing it :)

Yep, this girl o' mine loves to keep me on my toes :)


  1. I do thank you for not showing it because the picture of her stitches kind of gagged me ;-)

    Poor girl. Hope she feels better very soon.

  2. Hope she feels better soon, and that she can swim again as well.