Monday, June 25, 2012

Another lesson learned- sleep

An oldie but a goodie, love it!

Don't celebrate, pat on the back, congratulate, high five or cheer for yourself.

Nor tell your mom, friends, the internets or your friends on your blog.


Well, because kids LOVE to prove you wrong.

I made the *mistake* of excitedly mentioning that Abby had smoothly transitioned into a big girl bed.

Oh silly little naive mama, what were you thinking?

Everyone out there knows that as soon as you do something like that the rainbow unicorn stops sprinkling fairy dust on your magically occurring situation.

Folks, this stinks.

She's tired, no longer napping well {tear} nor sleeping well at night {sob}.
Cranky, Cr-aaanky.

It's currently 4:39.


As in 4:39 in the morning and I'm awake.

So next time I start to get excited about something please please please stop me.

I don't want the rainbow unicorn to stop sprinkling fairy dust because I doubt it makes very good coffee for the next morning when I am exhausted and proven wrong.

Think I could train a unicorn to make coffee?

Obviously over-tired mama


Okay, so I wrote that at 4:39 Sunday morning.
I ended up with maybe {MAYBE} four hours of sleep that night.
My word, how that brought back the newborn stage.
And oh how I love sleep.

We took the girls to see Brave yesterday afternoon so no nap.
{We LOVED the movie, more on that later.}

Last night after another failed attempt to get Abby to go to bed I put the rail back on her crib.
She's just not ready yet and that is a-okay.
We'll try again...later...maybe MUCH later, ha ha!

I was so exhausted from the early morning party my two year old decided to throw that I was asleep by 8 last night.

How was your weekend my lovelies?

One of my favorite pictures ever


  1. I kept my son in the crib until he was three. I know it was long, but I was in no rush and his transition went so smoothly. I hope it works out better then next time you try it so you don't lose so much sleep.

  2. Peter and I fought the no crib for about 2 weeks and then it finally stuck. I feel the pain! And I adore this pic of Ainsley and Adison. We would love a copy! : )