Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello my lovelies!
How was your weekend?
Ours was pretty good except K is not feeling well.
He spent most of the weekend in bed, sadface.
I was pretty busy though but managed to have some down time and some craft time.

I kinda okay, really want to get another tattoo.
I would love to get one that says love on my wrist.
I have all sorts of reasons for it, which I will share if I ever decide to get it.

After church on Saturday the girls and I picked up some dinner before heading home.
Jose Peppers or according to my kids: Mr. Peppers, Dr. Pepper and Joe-se Peppers.
They have delicious enchiladas.
So tasty.

I have a new writer that I am loving, Abigail Reynolds.
I have only read two of her books so far and they are g-o-o-d.
She takes Pride and Prejudice and writes what could have happened if things hadn't of worked out how they did in the book.
Mr. Darcy is so sigh worthy.

I'm working on another chalkboard project.
I'm obsessed with this apple green color. 
I will share some pics when it's finished.

This girl, she loves them.
I'm thinking we might need to get some new ones for her to work on.

Another project.
I'm working on a wreath.
This thing keeps stumping me though.
I keep thinking of what to put on it and it's just not coming together for me.

Poor Adison.
She was moving a pizza and it fell, splat, on the floor.
Talk about a mess and tears.
Poor girl was so upset that she dropped it.
It cleaned up quick and K helped her make another one.

How was your weekend?


  1. I can't wait to see the finished wreath. And I will have to check out Abigail Reynolds. It' s a fun story idea.

  2. Cupcakes! That's what you're wreath is missing! 3 pink ones in fact ;-)