Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thoughts thus far on the New Year

Okay, 2013, you're new and while I find that exciting with possibilities endless possibilities, a blank slate is also a bit intimidating.

My thoughts thus far, seeing as we are on day two of this year, it should be a pretty easy task.

1. I've got to get back to the gym. I'm starting to feel the effects of holiday treats + not going to the gym as regularly. It's been hard though, between us being sick and everyone and their mom being sick {which = me avoiding going places where my kids could pick up puke bugs because, hello, we had a lot of plans} sticking close to home is the best option in my mind.

2. I've gotten lax with blogging and need to get back on the "a blog a day every week day" bandwagon. I need the consistency, I need the expectation {even when it's my own} that a post needs to be up. Seeing as my scrapbooking flew out the front door when numero dos was born this is my memory keeper. This is where I document all of the happenings in our little abode. 

3. My word for the year is contentment. I want to be completely active with working on this one with every aspect of my life. 

4. I want to relish having Ainsley home with me. Homegirl will be heading of to kindergarten {sniff sniff} this August and I'm not ready.It will be interesting having two kiddos in school, it's a new chapter for us. 

5. Check out these videos, these guys are amazing!

Have a great day lovelies, I'm off to take down Christmas decorations and am having a girls get together with the ladies from our small group tonight, woo hoo!

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