Monday, January 28, 2013

Our weekend was ...

Filled with headaches for me, I spent most of Saturday in bed

Spent cuddling sad little girls, Ainsley woke up at midnight Friday night crying. I brought her to our bed and we watched some shows until we both fell asleep

The first time in a couple of weeks that I was able to attend church

Spent vacuuming approximately 1,000,000 times because ::NEWS FLASH:: kids are messy, at least ours are

Spent having lunch with my dad and step-mom on Sunday then hanging out at their house for a while. Abby had so much fun that she told me she didn't want to leave

Counting those darn calories. Yes, K and I are still at it. I'm finally getting used to it and having an easier time than expected with discipline with it

How was your weekend?

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