Sunday, January 20, 2013

The fast and the furious

We've been invaded.
A stomach bug has hit our house.
It started with the smallest member of our family on Thursday.

She was down for the count.
Laying on mama, on the couch, at one point on the floor even.
Just laying there with the saddest look on her face that I have ever seen.
My poor baby.

I started feeling sick on Thursday, just some nausea.
Friday the nausea was worse with some indigestion.
Friday night I threw up and then slept for five hours.
I felt pretty miserable on Saturday but was able to cope and made it to the store to pick up some necessities.

K started feeling sick on Friday.
Was pretty nauseated on Saturday and spent all Saturday night and part of Sunday puking.
He is beyond miserable.

This cute girl perked up on Saturday morning, she finally started eating again this morning though.
Things are definitely not back to normal yet with her but getting there.

Today I am feeling almost 100%, still some residual tiredness and such.
This thing seems to come on strong and leave pretty quickly.

The older two girls have been spared so far, I just pray that continues.

So, a positive with this stomach bug?
I've lost almost 3 1/2 pounds, I'll call it a win although I loathe how it happened.

Please be praying for K, he has had this bug the worst.
Poor guy, if you would also please pray for his asthma {which acts up with stomach viruses} I would appreciate it.

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