Thursday, January 3, 2013

This cat

This cat ...

is tiny, she only weighs three pounds

has little to no body fat and is freezing during the winter

lives on my lap during the winter

sleeps under the covers when it's cold

if she can't sit on my lap or K's she will build herself a little nest in the clean towels {not okay}

if neither one of us want her on our lap she gives us the stink eye

was a stray, we found her in our backyard. Due to less than stellar prenatal conditions and probably some inbreeding she has some issues. Kitty is a puker, daily sometimes multiple times a day

 cannot stand one of our other cats even though they have lived together for almost 7 years

is the most talkative cat

is very affectionate IF she likes you

Adison picked out her name, Zoe

is currently sitting on my legs as I type this.

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