Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Throwing together dinner

I don't enjoy cooking, it's a means to fill my stomach.

It's just never been enjoyable, thank goodness K enjoys cooking.

Tonight I had a meeting to attend and since K worked all day I decided to throw together some food.

I bought some quinoa at Trader Joe's a while back, but not being much of a cook it intimidated me with it's newness.

Tonight I decided to tackle it, knowing it cooked quicker than rice and I wanted to cook the grilled chicken breasts I bought last week.

(Side note: I detest cooking chicken. I have a fear that I will undercook it and everyone will get sick. Already cooked AND grilled frozen chicken breasts = perfection for me)

So, I cooked the quinoa with chicken stock since it is said to enhance the flavor, it smelled delish.

Then, I tossed the chicken in a skillet, warmed it up, then added rinsed black beans and corn. To add some extra flavor I tossed in some taco seasoning and garlic.

The smells were out of this world mouth-watering!

I tossed mine in a bowl, added some shredded cheese and inhaled.
K decided to add his to some tortillas with some salsa and lettuce.

It was good, stomachs were filled and all is good.


  1. Wow! That sounds really good.
    I don't enjoy cooking, either, and I'm not that good at it. And if it's not super simple, I'm really intimidated by it. I am tackling stuffed shells tomorrow. We'll see. It's a PW recipe, so I could probably find something easier.

  2. That sounds so yummy!!! We LOVE quinoa around here!' And I have chicken (all raw meat) issues too. :) I refuse to touch raw meat--I just can't do it. Thankfully DJ doesn't mind. I can handle frozen meat--so it always goes from frozen to the pan if I am the only one home. :)

  3. Me too! I hate cooking with chicken because I have the same fear. I don't mind cooking, and the more I do it, the better I feel about it and the more comfortable I feel. And I'm getting better :) But this dinner you made sounds DELICIOUS!! :D